• Approximately 70% of our work is helping brain injury survivors live as independently as possible in the community by linking them to supports, services and programs in the Calgary region.

  • About 20% of our work is facilitating weekly support groups for survivors of acquired brain injury.

  • The remaining 10% focuses on educating the public and other agencies about the causes and effects of acquired brain injury, its effects on individuals, families and the community.

  • SABIS advocates for open and inclusive communities for all persons, regardless of the severity of their brain injury. Travel along the road to recovery can be challenging. Your donation makes a difference in the lives of brain injury survivors and their families.


Please make cheques payable to SABIS or Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society. Click here for office hours and location.

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SABIS is a Canadian registered charity authorized to issue official tax receipts for income tax purposes for all donations. To review our annual charitable registration with Canada Revenue Agency, please go to CRA’s list of registered charities. Our legal name is: Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society. Our charitable registration number (BIN) is: 10799-5714 RR 0001
SABIS does not sell or share its lists of private and corporate donors, volunteers, members or clients to any person or organization, for any reason whatsoever. SABIS does, however, recognize its volunteers and donors at society events, in our quarterly newsletter and in our annual report. If you would like a copy of our annual report, please click here.


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